• Bimetal is a composite metal with layer of different thermal expansion to provide a controlled deflection
  when subjected to varying temperatures.
• Bimetals with additional layers to control electrical resistivity (trimetals) are available.

Anywhere excess temperature and current might cause bodily or property damages and requires
positive cut off.

• Circuit breakers • Motor protectors • Thermostats • Car cigarette lighters
• Fan clutch   • Steam traps  • Glow starters for fluorescent lamp
• Fire alarms • Water heaters • Refrigerators  • Toasters
• Rice cookers   • Irons • Hair dryers  • Thermometers
• Bimetals can be stamped, bent, curved or drawn as conventional alloys.

• BL(Bimetals for low temperature)                                  
• BH(Bimetals for high temperature)                              
• TRC(Low temperature current carrying trimetals)    
• THC(High temperature current carrying trimetals)       
• BMS(Corrosion resistant bimetals)

• BM(Bimetals for medium temperature)
• BR(High sensitivity  bimetals)
• TR(Medium  temperature current  carrying trimetals)
• BRC(High sensitive current carrying trimetals)

• Select the most suitable metal according to the required levels of temperature and deflection.
• The chart below shows the relationship between temperature and deflection of various bimetals.
  The values were measured by fixing one end of each bimetal having a length of 1 mm and setting
  its working length at 100 mm.

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